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Pcl2pdf ™ V6.9 for PCL to PDF on Windows,
Linux, Unix, OpenVMS, Tandem, HP3000 and AS/400

Pcl2pdf V6.9

25% Off Pcl2pdf V6.9 Server Licences!


For this important Pcl2pdf update we've continued to improve capabilities and compatibility.

Check the new Pcl2pdf Evaluations and see for yourself!


What's New in Pcl2pdf V6.9 since V5.0?

Here's a brief list of what's new in V6.9

  • Support for user specified temporary file directory using -TEMP:"..." switch
  • Implemented new -IFF switch to suppress blank page generation on form feed when no data on page
  • Implemented 24-bit RGB PCL colour support, in conjunction with LBM Systems' AXIAR Imaging, with opacity and transparency and within macros
  • New -PC switch for print copies, -PS and -PE for print range start and end and -PM for PDF Print Settings
  • Implemented “IBM DOS” style line and box drawing character support
  • Implemented Euro character in HP 9N and 13U symbol sets
  • Implemented right and centre justified text printing using HP-GL/2 LO command
  • Implemented “white text” printing
  • Implemented PCL raster graphics “mode 5” adaptive compression
  • Implemented various PCL code fixes and enhancements
  • Improved PCL duplex paper handling support
  • Improved PCL “offset registration” support, including for 90 degree rotated portrait pages
  • Improved HP-GL/2 support
  • Developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010



Convert LaserJet PCL print files to PDF (Portable Document Format), PCL to PDF

Now you can convert your LaserJet PCL print files to industry standard PDF (Portable Document Format). PDF documents can be viewed and printed using the Adobe® Acrobat® range of products. Adobe, the Adobe logo, Acrobat, the Acrobat logo, are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Distribute your print files around the Internet or your company Intranet for easy viewing, searching and printing.

Pcl2pdf quickly converts PCL print files to concise, industry standard PDF. This is not a raster based conversion. Use command line versions in batch and unattended operations. Fully configurable. Specify default printer "front panel" settings including page size and orientation. Pcl2pdf automatically selects sensible defaults. Pcl2pdf can convert files of 100's and 1000's of pages.

Use Adobe® Acrobat® from Windows, Mac and Unix to view your print files, print to local printers (including non-PCL) and search for text. Pcl2pdf produces PDF documents that are fully text searchable word for word. Adobe® Acrobat® uses PostScript and TrueType fonts for display giving superb font rendering quality.

Adobe® Acrobat® includes an ActiveX plug-ins. By embedding links to PDF print files on your web pages you can browse and print your files from within Internet Explorer and other browsers!


  • Pcl2pdf converts LaserJet PCL print files to industry standard PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • Distribute, view and print your PCL files via the Internet and Intranet
  • PDF documents can be viewed and printed using the Adobe® Acrobat® range of products
  • Command line and developer versions available for batch, unattended use
  • Windows, Unix, OpenVMS, AS/400, HP3000 and Tandem versions available
  • Read the Pcl2pdf V6.9 User Guide on-line here



Pcl2pdf for Windows PC (including Visual PDF) and Server

Pcl2pdf for Windows includes command line .EXE, Windows .DLL and ActiveX .OCX components. These components are available for use on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 2003 and 2008 Server.

If you wish to convert PCL print files to PDF at the Windows command prompt (console) you can use the Pcl2pdf 32-bit PC command line .EXE pcl2pdf32.exe. Pcl2pdf32.exe can be run direct from the Windows command prompt (console) like:-

C> Pcl2pdf32 test.pcl test.pdf

Please see the Pcl2pdf V6.9 User Guide for full details of the command line switches available.

For developers wishing to use Pcl2pdf with their own applications and programming environments the following Pcl2pdf developer files can be downloaded and installed. These include the Pcl2pdf 32-bit Windows .DLL pcl2pdf32.dll, pcl2pdf32.lib, Pcl2pdfDevLib.ocx and Pcl2pdfDevLib.tlb. The Windows .DLL must be installed also for use with the .OCX. Please see the Pcl2pdf Developer API section of the User Guide for installation and usage instructions.

The Pcl2pdf .DLL and .OCX developer components can be used with C, C++, Visual Basic, FoxPro and Delphi applications. They can also be used with web based Active Server Pages (ASP) applications on Microsoft Internet Information Server. Which Pcl2pdf component you use depends on the application you are developing, the development environment and language you prefer to work with. As simple as:-

Dim p2p
Set p2p = Server.CreateObject("PCL2PDFDEVLIB.Pcl2pdfDevLibCtrl.1")

p2p.DocInfoTitle = "South East Asia Sales Report"
p2p.OwnerPassword = "orange"
p2p.Permissions = "X"

Dim Err
Err = p2p.ConvertPcl2pdf("test.pcl","test.pdf")
Response.Write "<p>Pcl2pdf returned " + FormatNumber(Err,0) + "</p>"

Set p2p = Nothing

For OEM and developer licence enquiries please complete our Pcl2pdf Licence and Price Enquiry form.


Pcl2pdf32.exe Sample Command Line


Pcl2pdf for Windows PC now includes the Visual PDF Windows interactive "GUI" standalone application. It's a single file product with no installation required! Just save the Visual PDF executable to a suitable folder on your hard disk, for example your Desktop, and double-click to run. You can create a Windows shortcut if you wish. Visual PDF requires Windows XP, Vista or 7 installed in order to run.


Visual PDF

ComponentSource Top 100 ProductComponentSource Top 50 Product


Pcl2pdf for Unix (including Linux, OpenVMS) Server

Pcl2pdf for Unix includes command line executables for AIX, HP-UX, Linux, OpenVMS, SCO, Sun and Tandem.


Pcl2pdf Evaluations


Pcl2pdf products and licensing, what's changed and why

We've made some important changes to Pcl2pdf Products and Licensing as a response to your feedback and how you use the product. The product line has been reworked and simplified to meet your needs.


The Pcl2pdf V6.9 User Guide is revised and updated.

See it now for full details of new command line switches, developer APIs, recommendations and advice!


OEM and Company Licensing, Support

Pcl2pdf is available for licensing for internal company use only and for integration with systems for general resale and distribution. Depending on how you want to use Pcl2pdf the pricing and licensing terms will vary. You can get your own price quote by completing our Pcl2pdf Licence and Price Enquiry form. You can view our standard Visual Software Licence Agreement here, please see the sections on Developer and Developer Distribution Licence.

Take out our annual Technical Support and Software Update contract for additional peace of mind. This gets you unlimited "reasonable" support by phone, fax or e-mail and all new versions automatically as and when we make them available.


LBM Systems

LBM Systems of New Canaan, U.S.A., is the exclusive North and South American distributor and support centre for Pcl2pdf OEM, developer and corporate licensing



Pcl2pdf for HP3000
OpenPDF - HP3000/MPE

Enquirers should contact Jason Kent of Open Seas UK Ltd, The Old School House, The Causeway, East Hanney, Oxfordshire OX12 0JN, United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0)1235 537391
Fax +44 (0)1235 535168
Support +44 (0)870 2242595

Pcl2pdf for AS/400
Pcl2pdf/400 - AS/400

Enquirers should contact Richard Schoen of RJS Software Systems, 2970 Judicial Road, Suite 100, Burnsville, MN 55337, U.S.A.
Tel +1 952 736 5800
Fax +1 952 736 5801

An evaluation version of Pcl2pdf for AS/400 is available from RJS. You will need to provide your AS/400 serial and model numbers. You can look this up using the following AS/400 commands:



Can you help?


We need constant access to different Linux, Unix, OpenVMS and Tandem systems so that we can finalise testing and make new release builds. In most cases porting Pcl2pdf to different platforms is very straightforward and takes a day or so at most. All we need is a temporary guest account, telnet, FTP and use of a standard C or GCC compiler. If you are able to help please contact us. Thank you.


What are the best Windows LaserJet PCL printer driver settings for Pcl2pdf?

Read the detailed notes here for optimal driver configuration

How do I capture PCL data output from Windows LaserJet printer drivers?

Pcl2pdf doesn't offer port capturing but you may be able to configure your Windows PCL printer driver to output to FILE and capture the data this way.

An alternative option might be to use Virtual Port Monitor from Alphatronics, Inc. Please note that we cannot recommend or endorse this product however.




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